About us

The owner of this website is passionate about psychology, English Literature, and miscellaneous social issues in an attempt to create a space of enlightenment, knowledge and awareness and refute pseudoscience. I find peace in writing, an antidote to ideas that might make readers receptive somehow, and a fulfillment of the essence of life based on knowledge. I will also share my experience on travel, child nurturing, fashion, business, …WELCOME!


EDUMONI by Mounira Ibrahim is a group committed to promoting the creation, dissemination, and expansion of accessible, multilingual content and allowing access to the insights and experience of the owner in English Literature, language, psychology, education, teaching, management, and a collection of miscellaneous topics.


To promote reading entertainment and fulfill the essential qualities of a knowledge-based lifestyle

To increase knowledge and foster awareness, information, and consciousness while debunking pseudoscience in most cases   through concepts that can inadvertently make readers responsive

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